Easy enough to give away.放手。。。其实很轻易
No training, no diploma, no … qualification, just a great deal of nerve.穷有一身的胆略
It’s true, I’m not a doctor, and yes I acted a bit. I recited in pubs and taught elocution in schools.作者以前在酒吧朗诵,在母校教学。
When the Great War came, our soldiers were pouring back from the front. 战役来不时大批量战线士兵因为惊吓
Shell-shocked and unable to speak回到后方了,就不再说话言语
And somebody said, “Lionel, you’re very good at all this speech stuff.” 有一些人讲,“Leno,你不是对语言挺在行呢?”
Do you think you could possibly help these poor buggers
I did muscle therapy, exercise, relaxation, 作者尝试了肌肉医疗,练习,放松
But I knew I had to go deeper. Those poor young blokes had cried out in fear.那个小家伙们因为恐怖哭出声来。
And no-one was listening to them. My job was to give them faith in their voice.作者的做事,是给她们讲讲的自信。
And let them know that a friend was listening.
That must ring a few bells with you, Bertie. 那不是和你的治疗很像啊,Bertie
But this is my head.
临场前一分钟,Lionel:Remember the red light will blink four times and then I’ve asked them to turn it off, because we don’t want that evil eye staring at you all the way through.免得有个鬼眼似的东西老瞅着您。
Her wife:I am sure you will be splendid.(KISS)料定会有出彩的表现
40 seconds, close the door
Logue, however this turns out,罗格,不管解说结果怎么着,I don’t know how to thank you for what you’ve done.
20 seconds: Forget everything else and just say it to me.排除杂念,只想着说给自家听
Say it to me, as a friend.淡定的鞭策,平稳的语速,急促的深呼吸,倒计时,一齐紧张着,替国君捏了一把汗!
发言完之后,罗格说,很棒,只是“w”的发声依然非常。结果始祖也很有意思回应——Had to throw in a few so they knew it was me.不可能太流利了,免得可疑是替身。走出 直播间,大家的道贺,国君的首先次克制的解说预示着未来的顺畅!
Well done, my friend.


When I met my first mentor I wasn’t impressed by his expensive car, his multi-million dollar business, or even how he managed hundreds of people.


No, I was impressed by how humble he was and how many question he kept asking ME.

 Animal health

I thought to myself: Here’s a guy who’s rich, established, has everything — and he’s askingmyopinion on everything? What the hell do I know?

First I do apologies for the absence of not going with our team to this session, because we went to Trincomalee for a trip, if we know this is the last time for our team to get together.

At first, I thought he was just trying to make me feel important. That’s a common strategy that some people use to influence people.

We’ve been longing for this session for quite a long time, so we’re so sad. But fortunately, AIESEC gave us a chance to go there again, just for we two.

But after a while, I noticed that he asked everyone for their opinion — and he actually cared. He listened. He even told me that his best ideas came from people who he usually wouldn’t ask.

We went to the veterinary teaching school, which is near the university of Paradeniya. We’re so excited for both of us once dreamed to be a vet at a very young age.

As we became friends over time, and he became a mentor to me, I always wondered why he always kept asking everyone for their opinion and advice.

We ‘re curious about everything we saw.

So about two years ago, I finally asked him: “Why do you always ask everyone for their opinion and advice? You’re so successful.”

Before you come into this hospital, there is a sign which wrote, ‘ take your pet to the toilet before entering’.

He said: “I don’t know who said it, he must be a smart man, but it goes something like this:The secret of a successful man is that he always sees himself as a student who learns from other people.”

Dr. Anu introduced some one related to us then showed us around. She also asked us what kind of volunteer work we want to do in this hospital. And there is no doubt that our answer is getting close to animals.

At the time, I had no clue who he was quoting. But a few weeks ago, when I was browsing Goodreads for new quotes to tweet, I noticed this quote:

How cute they are! I especially like big furry dog, and there are some dog like that! But when you look them carefully, you will find they are so tired even not willing to move if there is no necessary. Then I came to realize that they are all ill. So poor the dogs.

“Do you know the secret of the true scholar? In every man there is something wherein I may learn of him; and in that I am his pupil.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

One dog called Niky come here for his owner feed him the wrong food which is not suitable for dogs to eat, which made him vomit. And another one I didn’t ask his name because I didn’t dare to, he was just too sick to even breath. I don’t know what happen to him, he is just so small, and his eyes turned to be white.

It finally clicked. My mentor is successful because he always saw himself as a student. Even after he had “made” it.

And what makes me cry is that a dog called Jimmy, she is 13 years old seemed so strong and she came here just for routine examination, for her owner said that her maximum age is 15 years old and there is just two years left. The old lady brought her to home when she was one month old.

For example, some of his best business advice came from his business partner’s wife. And from one of his golf friends, he learned about investing. It’s so random. Or not?

I’ve heard that accompany is the most beautiful love in the world, and now I do know its meaning. And dogs are human’s friends. Once we keep them as pets, we should take good care of them, for they are more than pets but friends.

Some people think that, once they achieve a certain level, they should stop talking to people ‘below’ them. Some people don’t even talk to people who are ‘below’ them; let alone asking them for advice.

 Blood donation

We’ve all been there. Managers who think they’re above the rest. People with degrees who believe that they’re smarter than people who have no degree.

图片 1

Some people believe that because they have a title, degree, or more money, they can’t learn from others who are not on their “level.”

This session only four of us went, because terry went to Sigriya alone… one of my friends kindly offered me the breakfast, so we went there a bit late.

Come on. That’s the biggest bullshit that happens on a daily basis. I see it all the time. And not only in work situations but everywhere.

Finally we were here at Engineering Faculty, the place for people to donate blood. I thought we’ll help the nurses to suck blood but it turned out to be not. What we should is distribute food after the donators finishing their donation, and before that they must drink a plenty of water first, then comes milk and some local snacks. I just help to paste the stickers onto the blood bags and write their name on it, then tell the typewriter the cube code of the blood bag to finish their profiles, after which they’ll be waiting for the donation.

You see it at big companies where upper management never talks to lower-level people. You see it in social classes where people who went to college look differently at people who didn’t.

But i think it’s not so scientific. Because they just use the test paper to see the donators blood type instead of machines. Maybe they just feel it convenient but i still can’t agree with that. So if i want to donate my blood, i will go to a hospital to have an accurate examine, which is both responsible for myself and the blood takers.

To me, it’s weird that a lot of people claim that they are life learners, but completely disregard the idea of learning from other people. Just browse Twitter and you see a lot of people who have something with “life-learner” in their bio.

 Blue rose

And that’s great. We all should keep learning forever. But why not learn from ALL people?

as for blue rose session, it’s a little unorganized, because of this session, the agenda has changed several times.

Have you ever asked for financial advice from someone you would never consider? Maybe a 16-year-old? Just a thought.

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